Superior Tire Change Services

External link opens in new tab or windowInside of tire shopThe tires of a vehicle can wear out faster when the wheels are not in perfect balance. This causes vibration while driving and can become a potential safety threat. Don’t let this happen to you! Come to Extreme Tire and Wheel in Dallas, TX for superior tire change and wheel alignment services. We will help you maximize your tire’s life, making them last longer.

Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Annual vehicle inspection is mandatory for all Texas registered vehicles. Our technicians offer comprehensive state inspection including emission test and safety inspection. We use the best equipment to perform a hassle-free inspection.

External link opens in new tab or windowOur Services Include:

  • External link opens in new tab or windowTires in tire shopAutomotive Repair and Outfitting

  • Muffler Replacement

  • State Inspection

  • Tire/Wheel Change

  • Tire/Wheel Consultation

  • Wheel Alignment

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